Monday, May 20, 2013

One Moment In Time

Who’s a Star and I had a magical weekend at the Jersey Fresh Three Day Event held May 7-12, 2013.

Competing in our first CCI 3* (Advanced Three Day Event), we had a good dressage test, placing in the top ten, but did not quite match some of our recent dressage performances. In keeping with the standards for a CCI 3*, the cross country course was nearly 10 minutes long.  “Tag” and I jumped clear with the 5th fastest time to move up to 4th place.  We saved our best performance for Sunday’s Stadium Jumping, as we were one of only two double clear rounds, moving up again to finish in 3rd in a competitive field.
Courtney & Neal after Stadium Jumping (Shannon Brinkman Photo)
I know I am dating myself by referencing the song "One Moment in Time," but it always gave me goosebumps when Whitney Houston sang it.  Professional horseman live for that one moment….like when they sing My Old Kentucky Home  before the Derby, or when you are an event rider and you get to show jump late in the day on a Sunday at the a big Three Day Event, because of a high placing.

These moments help keep us going.

The trials and tribulations to produce an upper level competition horse are numerous, and everyone has a different list of them, including soundness, training problems, rider health, money, and life issues.

Getting a horse to a CCI 3* requires intense focus and an outstanding support crew.  These individuals will pick you up when you are feeling down, brush you off, and kick you back out the door!

They will also be there to help you keep your eye on the prize and help maintain your focus when outside distractions come in and cloud your vision.

I would personally like to thank some of those who helped me achieve this one moment in time when I accomplished my goal of performing to my best on a Sunday in May.  My team includes many people, but I would like to thank:

  • My parents, who taught me right from wrong, and that if you want something, make a plan and be prepared to follow through, but change it as needed.
  • Rich House, one of my horse owners and business partners, who has stood by me as I have gone through the ups and downs one does in building a successful business.
  • Teresa and Anne, two long standing friends who have been there whenever I needed them.
  • My past and current trainers and collaborators, including Bruce Davidson, Jimmy Wofford, Belinda Wertmann, Phillip Dutton, Jan Bynny, Chris Hickey, and Sally Cousins.

Most importantly, I would like to thank my husband Neal; it is with his support, generosity, and caring that I can work on producing my personal bests regardless of the ribbons, and my wonderful horse Who’s A Star who has grown up into an amazing athlete and a special horse in my life, especially as I helped birth him and have trained him since he was a foal and have been his only rider.
Who's a Star on Cross Country (Shannon Brinkman Photo)

I am looking forward to having many more “moments in time” and to having people & animals to share them with.

Here’s hoping we all have moments to share,