Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What a week!

A great week in Aiken.  We went to Pine Top with my crew and the horses were wonderful.  R Star led  onto the cross country in her first recognized Training.  They ran the cross country at 470 meters per minute and I did not rush her and she came in 5 seconds late which earned her a 3rd place.  I was thrilled, another beautiful baby by Heavenly Star, going out and doing her job!

Nevaeh was not to be outdone and in a very competitive division she ended up 5th after a 3rd place at Sporting Days.  She is just jumping great and has matured into  a lovely horse.

Our 3rd horse Vegas Run is continuing to show promise and he put into a competitive dressage test and had a rail in show jumping and some time cross country and was a lot of fun.

The sale horses continue to progress and we are getting three more in this week from Texas, one a connemara cross who goes training, an Irish mare that has gone Prelim and a great prospect.  Oh and we sold a couple, both to Kentucky, one to Hannah Williams and Kelly Taylor, great success to both of them.

We hope your week is going swimmingly as well and if you are in town please come by and say hello....we are off to Paradise this weekend and Gillian and her Dad are coming down along with Neal...a great weekend to be sure....

Talk soon,


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