Sunday, April 1, 2012

A great day at Morven

Hello to All,

After arriving home from Aiken last Saturday, we set about to getting unpacked and catching up with things around the of those "things" is Hope's full sister Rock Star aka DJ who is 10 months and a week pregnant.  I am sure it is a big foal, and she has had a hard time with her first pregnancy, and so we got to go see our friends at New Bolton on Wednesday night after she was particularly uncomfortable.  They assured us nothing major is  going on, just an uncomfortable Mommy to be.  So we will be watching and walking...and not sleeping...anyone who said breeding is easy has never done it...a total challenge, just asked sleep deprived Neal and me!

We headed down to Morven on Friday with 5 for me to ride and and Gillian Cowley and her mare, Gabby.  Gillian had been staying with us for her Spring break and has been riding great.
Hope, Gabby, and Nevaeh (L-R) on their Way to Morven Park

We settled in and found our way to our hotel to be up and at it early with Hope's 7:54 am ride time.  After doing all 5 in dressage, Laura, and our groom for the day, Lauren, had them ready to go to show jumping.  Everyone showed me some work to do in the dressage except for Nevaeh who was wonderful and confirmed her low score at Sporting Days was no fluke!

I thought I was going to go 5 clear in show jumping, but unfortunately decided to press Neveah down a 6 stride line to get too close to the in and out and have it down.  Everyone else jumped great and it was off to cross country.

While waiting for her turn at cross country, Persia did not seem quite right and we opted to not run her cross country.  All the others jumped great, but I had some time on Icy.  I can't tell you where, as she was on all the same minute markers as the others, but I must have eased up at the finish.

Hoped ended up winning her division and Nev was less than a point from winning in her division of 30 and finished 3rd, Decorated was 10th in the same division and Icy, 13th.

Gillian also won her division with three good phases, two of which she did with her Mom's help!  Go Page!

All in all it was a great weekend and we are looking forward to Plantation and Fair Hill in a few weeks time.

Photos and videos will be up soon,  and please let us know if you need any horses; we have a great crew of them right now.

Courtney and Neal

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