Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Seneca, Summer and other musings...

Hello to All,

It always amazes me how time can fly by and stand still at the same time.  Neal and I have been spending some of our most recent weekends seeing friends and family.  Most notable was our nephew Cooper achieving Eagle Scout status at the ripe age of 14.  Some of you may know that Cooper was born on the same day I had a pretty horrific accident at the old Essex Three Day and broke my neck and back, so often times I try and "forget" Coopers birthday.
Our Nephew, Eagle Scout Cooper Shumway

However as I was saying sometimes it seems like yesterday and other times lifetimes ago.  I am very proud of Cooper for his achievement and also looking forward to an achievement of our own of taking our first homebred Who's A Star Advanced.

Finding, educating, and keeping a horse sound and healthy through the trials and tribulations of going up the grades is always a challenge.  Sometimes it seems you are right on the edge of a breakthrough and then something happens, and you are back to square one.  I am not one to count my chickens yet but I am excited about jumping the blue numbers again shortly and actually looked at the Advanced dressage test today, wow there is a lot to do...

We are in the process of trying to get Tag's mother, Faith, pregnant yet again, and we are ever hopeful to get her pregnant and to have an embryo transfer foal by her as well.  It does not seem like it was 10 years ago that we started this whole process but as I said before time stands still and flies by at the same time.

Our current foal, Grover, had a fever this weekend and instead of leaving on vacation Neal and I spent Sunday worrying over him and his low white blood cell count...this morning Neal turned to me and said "really you want two from Faith next year..."  to which I reminded him, that she and we, are getting older and she does produce really nice horses.

Which leads me to Seneca, Faith's three children of riding age were all there.  Who's A Star was 3rd after galloping quietly around with some time in the Intermediate, his sister R. Star was 2nd with me in the Preliminaries and Star Dazzler, our 2nd homebred, who we sold to the Case Family was there as well, and had it not been for a silly runby on cross country he would have won his division as well...

I hope you and your families, both horse and human, are enjoying the Summer and what has happened in the past and what is planned for the future.

All the best,


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