Sunday, March 31, 2013

Aiken Recap and Morven

Hello to All,

As usual Aiken was a whirlwind and I was surprising how quickly it passed.

Many goals were accomplished including having me compete Tag at the Advanced level, with runs at Pine Top and Poplar.  He is a wonderful horse, and terrific partner, and everyday I am thankful to be able to ride him!

R Star is starting back to work after her surgery and should be back on the scene in May.  Her full sister Rock Star, aka DJ, made her debut this Winter, and we still have work to do but she shows the same athletic ability and tenacity as all of the other Stars did at that age; so I am super excited about her too.

Unfortunately Vegas had a minor injury, and I think will now become Neal's new partner, which is great as we have been half-heartedly looking for a horse for Neal, and he and Vegas get along wonderfully.  It will be great watching Neal and Vegas forge a partnership this Summer.

The biggest turnaround from last year to this one though has been Sport.  He has been a challenge for me, as last year he was quite shy in warmups, and now he has won twice at the beginner novice level, including Sporting Days and just this weekend at Morven and was fourth at Pine Top.  He will move up to Novice at Plantation and we are excited to see how Sport continues to progress.

The Dare to Dream group of owners who own Sport have also recently purchased another horse, Cooley Vancouver.  He is a special 4 year old who I found in Ireland, and I have great hope for him.  We look forward to making this group of owners proud!  He arrives at the end of this week and will look forward to competing probably in the Summer.

Many of you also probably remember the picture of Michaela with the truckload of hay, well she and Tatum really also stepped up to the plate.  Tatum Stam came out and had multiple good outings at Training including two 6ths and a 5th place finish, and Michaela Holcomb went from beginner novice at the start of Aiken to her first Training at Morven yesterday, along the way she also picked up multiple rosettes.

We also sold multiple horses in Aiken, all told we have placed 9 horses into new homes this year and have a barnful of new horses here in Pennsylvania.  Our clients came from Kentucky, California, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and points in between.  We hope for only the best for the new matches and look forward to hearing about their new careers.

Two new students joined us in Aiken for their Spring Break from the Ethel Walker School: Haley Glofka and Charlotte Gardiner.  Haley brought her leased horse, Outstanding Rhythm, and she completed 3 novices with a well earned 3rd place at Poplar Farm.  We look forward to having Haley back in the Summer as a working student and having her move up to Training!

Charlotte came with Coletrane, who she purchased through us last year and what a splash she made. Doing three competitions and coming 3rd once and winning twice!  They are an exciting pair and we will look forward to watching them.

We are on foal watch now at the farm eagerly awaiting Believe In The Stars foal, and I head to The Fork this week with Tag.

Fingers crossed for everyone, have a great Spring,


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