Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Clinic in Ct...

Hello Everyone,

I had a fantastic time yesterday clinicing in CT.  Actually my old home town of Wilton...

The first group were a couple of C Pony Clubbers, Elisha and Shannon.  Shannon I had previously met as she owns Star Dazzler, our second homebred.  Elisha was new and a delight.

We worked on staying straight and forward and in front of the leg and jumped many exercises to test them on their skills.

The next group was at Wilton Riding Club and was a mixed group of adults and pony clubbers.  Sloan and Elaine were the dynamic duo with cute chestnut ponies who were invincible.  Katie had her generous bay gelding and the adults of the group Charlotte and Alicia had two lovely horses with loads of talent.

We continued on the same exercises as the first group and finished with jumping a corner, the first for some and a great gymnastic with the horses really jumping well over an oxer.

All in all it was a beautiful day with lots of gifted horses and riders who I hope to see again soon.

Talk to you later,

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