Friday, June 17, 2011

Wow, kudos to all of you Mothers!

Fathers Day is fast approaching but kudos to all the mothers out there, and to all the foal watchers...

We had our 6th foal a week ago, which thankfully put an end to sleepless nights.  The funny thing is she had been dripping milk for two days, and her calcium was off the chart, so we knew she was close, so last Thursday afternoon I tried to make the barn extra quiet early and she rewarded me with a beautiful filly at 4:30 in the afternoon.
Landon and Faith

Landon is a healthy girl who is working on getting her long legs straightened out but she looks like the others, low hock, long ears and not any white!  All stamps by her mother.

We also competed last weekend at Plantation.  Saturday was the recognized event and Gillian &Gabby made their training debut.  After showing some nerves in show jumping, they jumped clean cross country, clean and fast on XC to win their division.  Additionally Gillian told us she was on the Junior Novice Leaderboard in 6th place which is quite an accomplishment...too bad she is moving up to Training!

I also rode on Saturday with my new ride Ambassador's Rose.  She is a lovely mare produced by Boyd and Silva Martin for her owner Jackie Gilbertson.  It was felt a change needed to be made to get her to sold, so I was suggested.  I am honored that I could be of help and hope to get her sold quickly.

Rose made a great debut with me and finished 8th, I was quite pleased.

On Sunday Neal and I returned to Plantation for the Starter Trials where Neal rode Hope for the first time in competition finishing 7th, and I rode Pippen (Clovermeade Stilletto) in his first beginner novice where he was 3rd.

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