Sunday, August 21, 2011

The wild month of August....

Hello everyone....

Well I went to England right after Fair Hill and while I saw some beautiful horses none of them were just right for my next partner so we will continue to look.  If you know of any young prospects please let us know.

Then we headed to Waredaca, Nevaeh has been dealing with a bad rub on her hind leg and it reopened while she was competing and while she was good, she was not quite herself.  She did earn her first qualifying Young Event Horse score so we will try to go to one of the remaining classes to get her qualified for the finals at Fair Hill.

We have made the decision though to give her some time off to let her leg heal.  It is just in a bad spot and already looks better.

We went back to Waredaca and after getting wet on Saturday, we got even wetter with Walking on Broadway in the Preliminaries.  He was super, doing dressage in the pouring rain that left puddles in my boots and show jumping and going cross country in the rain as well.  He pulled a shoe cross country to add more insult and so I slowed down as we were as they say, slip sliding away, and he ended up 8th with some time.

A busy week with just Laura, my wonderful new groom, Rebekah Gilbert, my long time student help and me left us tired after having several different clients in to look at horses.

I am very happy to report that A Midday Star has found a new home with Jerry O'Neill and his wife Giulia Robertson of Vermont and she will be well loved and well missed by the Myer family.  We wish them great luck and FUN!

To end the week we went to the DVCTA starter trials.  Vegas did his first Training and was tied for first but collective marks broke the tie and we ended up 2nd.  He was super and tried very hard....AGAIN in the rain!  While it is wonderful that we now have soft footing it would be nice if it could rain during the week!
Vegas in his first Training at DVCTA

Link to the event summary and video off Vegas in all three phases:

Neal also went to DVCTA with Hope and again had a good dressage test but found the show jumping challenging and ended his day there.

We head to Loudoun next week with 4 horses so we will hopefully have a good weekend...and no RAIN!

I hope all is well with you, please let us know if you know of anyone wanting to be a working student as we are currently interviewing!

Talk soon,


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