Saturday, January 28, 2012

On Our Way

Good morning to All,

We are up feeding this morning, to get on our way to Aiken.  It will be quite an adventure as we have to stop every few hours to feed Tag his Equine Senior, since he still is on no hay.  In hour 7 we also will take him for a about high maintenance, but he is so worth it.

His staples have come out of his belly and his incision looks great.  Another two weeks and he can go out again....yippee, we will all be happy for him then.

The rest of the horses are looking forward to some lovely turnout in Aiken as we have been inundated with wet weather at home and so turnout has been limited.

Hope, Nev and Vegas are all getting ready for their debuts next weekend and everyone will get some time jumping cross country.  The first cross country school can always be a bit exciting and with 16 horses in work in Aiken I am sure there will be some good comedy to report.

Hope all of you are doing well, look forward to talking to you soon, and feel free to call me on my mobile as I will be driving probably for the next 12 hours...looking forward to seeing you there.


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