Saturday, January 21, 2012

Winter has arrived


As many of you know we have been blessed by a very mild Winter in the Mid Atlantic and last night we got our first real snow.  It is pretty but it does not make it easy...

Neal, my wonderful husband, has been picking up my slack since I had a fall earlier in the week and today I finally was able to be more helpful than not, so I am glad for that.  The timing of the snow forced us inside to work on the less exciting but just as important side of the business, taxes, and other miscelaneous paperwork.

This week has been great one for business as one of our favorite horses Older and Wiser has been leased to a student of Erin Sylvester, Olivia Saber to teach her the ropes of eventing and competing and Quick Pick lived up to his name as the first person to see him, Leslie Favre and her daughter Madeleine, quickly picked him up.

We wish the best for both families and look forward to hearing about all the adventures.

We are looking forward to heading down to Aiken next weekend and to seeing all of our friends and clients down there and to get the horses out and about.  It should be a fantastic Winter season.

Talk soon,


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