Sunday, May 13, 2012

An exciting few days...6 horses, none lower than 3rd!

Hello everyone,

Our weekend started on Thursday with Tag and I making our return to a competitive environment.  We volunteered to do the test ride at Jersey Fresh for the CCI** and enjoyed it tremendously.  Tag also seemed to weather the trailer ride well so that is all great news.  Look for him to hopefully start competing in June.
Who's a Star (Tag) at Jersey Fresh CCI

Then it was off to Plantation Field...The recognized event was on Saturday and Decorated rocked it, winning the dressage and never looking back winning his Preliminary division.  He is one heck of a horse and is the most fun to play with!

R Star (Hope) on Cross Country - Steve Berkowitz Photo
R Star was also super and while Benita Strini got an 18 in the dressage (who does that 18, awesome!) to win this Preliminary division, Hope finished 2nd with a solid effort.  She had an uncharacteristic 2 rails down but tried hard and more importantly was awesome cross country with a new bit...I think this one may just work!

One of our sales horses, Larry also went and did a very good job in all three phases to finish 3rd in Beginner Novice, at what was only his second horse trials.
Larry on Cross Country - Steve Berkowitz Photo

In between all of this we trailered home and showed some horses, so it was a busy Saturday.

Sunday was Plantation Day again....but the starter trials, which run over the same courses.  Persia June went Training and put her best test in to date jumping a double clear to finish on her dressage score in 2nd place.  Then we had a pair of chestnuts in the novices, both sale horses.  Fleet Du Maison put in an excellent dressage test with a score of 24.4 and added just one rail to win his division. Rhetabenz also put in a good dressage test and jumped a double clear to finish 3rd.  Both of these horses showed class and tolerance and would be great fun for a junior or amateur to learn to event!

We also had some great results around the country with horses sold by C Square Farm...and students...

At King Oak Horse Trials
Dale Eddy and Guypowder Valley, winners at Training
Erin Renfroe and Porter Creek, winners at Training
Jessica Blum and River Rock, 2nd in Novice
Sarah Blum and Grey Street, 4th in Novice
Gretchen Creesy and Tigerlily, 4th in Beginner Novice

At Plantation Field Recognized
Liza Frazier and Providence's Maxwell, winners at Training
Kim Russell and Allia, 6th in Beginner Novice

At Plantation Filed Starter
Dailee Fagnant and Stolen Goods, winner at Novice
Michelle Bull and Masquerade Party, 4th at beginner Novice

Congratulations to everyone and to all of my owners, talk soon, and most importantly Happy Mothers Day to my wonderful mother, my sister and all of our friends and clients, I hope you had a great day!


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