Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fair Hill and teaching an old dog new rules...

Hello to All,

We were off to Fair Hill this weekend with 3 horses...suppose to be more but Fleet was vetted and sold to Emily Moynihan of Massachusetts and so he is on his way to MA as we speak!

Persia June started off in the trainings and did her best test to date, scoring a 30.5, a really good test that I was pleased with.  She jumped a double clean and moved up to 7th overall in a very competitive division and I was super pleased with her.
Persia June on Cross Country - Steve Berkowitz Photo

The Stars came out on Sunday, with Who's A Star doing a combined test at Prelim.  He had a lovely test to finish tied for first on a 24.6 and jumped clean in show jumping...well or so I thought...

So, a note to all of you, it has become habit now I have been told for the jump judge in show jumping to say the time taken on course and it is up to the competitor to know what the optimum is on show jumping so you know if you had time faults...I did not realize this and so when they said I had jumped clean I assumed it was jump and time....bad thing to make an assumption...

Anyway I went in on Hope and did not try to quicken my pace or cut my turns and long story short, I had time faults on both of them, which could have been avoided, which dropped her from 2nd to 5th overall....I hate when I make preventable mistakes!

But there were other highlights like having my homebred boy and girl both compete in the upper levels was sort of funny, as many of you know the "children" all tend to have tall long ears and at one point I was sitting on Hope thinking I was on Tag because of the ears...

Another highpoint was getting a 9 from Brian Ross, I always love riding in front of Brian as he uses the range of scores and will give you a high score if you deserve one and the reverse!

I also want to say the work done on the courses and the footing was superb!  The course had some new and interesting changes and I know Frank Stafford spent a lot of time vibrating on his tractor to get that course footing so deep appreciation!

I hope everyone else had a good weekend, we also had another good weekend of results around the country with horses that we have sold: Kelly Beaver and Sempre Fino finishing 2nd in the Prelims at Fair Hill, Guinness St James and Danny Warrington, finishing 6th in the Prelims at Fair Hill, and Caroline Martin and Classic Touch finishing 6th in the Open Intermediates.  In the Pacific Northwest, Katrinia Bradley and Scout finished 3rd in the Training at the NWEC May Classic and in Oklahoma, Laura Szeremi and Argento finished 6th in Prelims, last but not least in Vermont, Tiffany Cunningham and Samson were 2nd in the Prelims at Hitching Post.

Congrats to all, see you all soon,


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