Sunday, November 6, 2011

St Augustines...

Hello to All,

We headed to St Augustine today for the unrecognized event there and the cross country was up to snuff...All of my horses were good, with dressage scores from 27-34 and all show jumping clean.

On cross country again they were all good however poor Nev misread the in to the water the first time and Vegas jumped great although he was naughty in between the fences at one point and so we had to discuss that a bit...and well my constellation of competition "Stars" is getting better all the time.  R Star did her first training today after many missed starts for weather and she won.

We also took Chocolate Martini who was meant to do his first training a while ago as well but again with the weather delays, and he was a delight.  He had a double clear and jumped around like an old pro.  He was looked at by some trainers so we are hoping he will find his person soon.  If you know of anyone looking for a safe and fun novice/training packer for $15,000 let me know.

Neal should have videos up in the next few days.

I am headed off to go to Ireland...excited to see about a few quality horses...

Hope to catch up with you all soon,


Ps Here are some pics from of the biggest star to date...Who's A Star!

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