Thursday, November 24, 2011


Hello Everyone,

Hope you are up enjoying a beautiful day with family and friends...

As I was lying in bed this morning I started to think about what I am thankful goes without saying my wonderful husband, friends, family, animals, and clients.

I am also thankful for the choice and freedom people have given me that I do not even know.  Recently I was reading about girls in the Middle East with no opportunity for an education, Egyptian women who are groped and terrorized on a regular basis on their way to work and other matters in which people do not have the ability to choose their actions.

This got me to thinking about how fortunate we are in the country to have access to an education, health and the choice to make our lives what we want through hard work, character and integrity.

I am thankful to those men and women who everyday put their lives on the line, who graciously and selflessly give their time, body and service to this country.  I am also thankful to their families.  I cannot imagine having my loved ones a world away, in dangers way on a regular basis.  Or for that matter to be in the same town and be policewomen or firemen and saving lives and keeping order in a sometime chaotic world.

I am thankful that we are allowed the ability to live our lives as we like, to be educated, and to be gracious and thankful on a regular basis, enjoy your Turkey or Tofurkey and enjoy your choices!

Happy Thanksgiving.


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