Monday, February 7, 2011

New Blog!

Hello everyone,

We are starting a new blog today for and hope you will enjoy it, please let us know your thoughts.  While the website and Courtney Cooper Athlete page on Facebook are a team effort, this space will be more of my ramblings.

We have been in Aiken now for 3 weeks and have endured freezing rain and 38 degrees and sunny weather and 60's.

The horses have all been great with Tag and Nev being second at Full Gallop, and full of themselves in their warmups! Smudge, aka Cirque also was good at Full Gallop and finished 5th.

Neal came down to enjoy the weather and some time with us this weekend and he was our groom for Sporting Days.  I am thinking he would like to keep his day job!

Again the horses were all good with Foxy finishing at Training, Molten Rock, Julia Wendell's beautiful young horse, finishing 8th at his first beginner novice and our own R Star, aka Hope finishing her first beginner novice after only being under saddle for 7 weeks! The schedule at Sporting Days got a little wacky but Doug Payne and Mary Coldren were able to sort it all out!

We have also been showing  and selling horses and have met some fantastic people including Rodger Nye from Wyoming who bought True Grit from us, and Woods Baughman from Kentucky who also purchased Truckee Bash from us.

R Star Going Cross Country
I will write more soon,


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