Saturday, February 19, 2011

Paradise Weekend

Hey Guys,

Its been a long weekend so far....the weather has been tremendous with lots of sun and loads of pink people!

The horses have all been good and tried hard, huge divisions....Nevaeh and Foxy were both good and both had places were they could have improved and places that I was very proud of them, and it was hard for me to guess who would do better than the other so guess what they were tied for 9th!

Hope and Quarry also were both good but with 35 in the beginner novice division ended up down the list after dressage.

Gillian and Page Cowley are down for the long weekend, and Gillian has been awesome with a great dressage school and cross country school on Thursday before coming 3rd in the Novice Rider in dressage and jumping clean in show jumping so fingers crossed for cross country....

Gillian & Gabby

Tomorrow Nevaeh and Foxy have show jumping and Quarry, Gabby and Hope go cross country!

On a sad note Jordan who had joined us in Aiken, has decided to move on. We wish her all the best.

Talk soon,

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